USA Duck team is a collaborative of 20-30 duck farmers working together to improve the genetics of meat/egg crossover ducks. Our program works with farmers on biosecurity, meat and egg production, selection of breeding stock, and production of quality poultry.

GG Laying: We have conducted meat/egg production trials and found that Cayuga ducks are the 2nd best meat duck after Pekins, and one of the most productive egg layers in Midwest conditions. Cayuga ducks excel in cold weather. The current egg laying charts on the internet all come from Southern hatcheries in hot climates, but we find that in Midwest conditions Cayuga ducks are better than runner ducks, golden layers, Ancona ducks, or other breeds. The green sheen really pops in our cold winters, and egg laying is all about making babies. Duck hens love seeing the green sheen on their Cayuga drakes in the winter. 

EAT Production: Cayuga meat has an intense flavor than cannot be rivaled by other breeds. We are breeding to bring their size back up to breed standard, or 7-8 pounds on old ducks and drakes.

OWING: We raise standard-bred poultry according to the American Poultry Association. Our show wins in 2023 include Grand Champion at Several County fairs, Best Cayuga and Best Standard Duck at the Missouri State Poultry Association fall championship, Best Cayuga and Best Standard Duck at the Mini Mega Show, and best Cayuga and Grand Champion Waterfowl at the 2023 Junior Nationals, with Austin Noah showing.